Growler Information

(Growlers are intended to be take to camp or home to enjoy. We do not recommend walking the fair while drinking from the growler.)

64oz Growler

Growlers is 2 liters or 67.628047 ounces.

Growler is sold separetly  and empty. $40

Growler fill with beer beer
ABV Below 10% $34.00
ABV 10% and above $38.00

Growler fill Root Beer $11.00

32oz Growler

Growler Fills (2 liters = 32 oz)-

                           ABV Below 10% -    $16.00

ABV 10% or above
(Black Plague) -$18.00

Growler fill Root Beer $6.00

Growler Rules
  1. We only fill Brigadoon Growlers!!!! (No exceptions.)
  2. Growlers must be turned in clean.  We willnot do your dishes.  All we do is rinse with a sanitizer. 
  3. Not responsible for damage!
  4. Payment do when dropped off.
  5. Turn in time begins at 9:00 am.
  6. Pickup time starts at 10:00 am.
  7.  Last pick up at 8:00 pm.
  8.  Fill time during peak hours may take 2 or more hours.
  9. Not responsible for growlers left over night!
10. Valid ID to pick up!  Must be 21 or older to purchase and pick up. 
11.  Please present claim tag when picking up.
12. If you want to take the beer out of the gate do not break the seal until out of the front gate!  We will not reseal!
13. Seasonal beers not available for fill.
14. All growlers will be sealed after filling.  No exceptions.
15. You must be sober to pick up a filled growler.  No refund will be offered!